Standard Chartered Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Uganda

How Standard Chartered Bank’s CSR has Benefited the Community
  1. Built a school in Gulu worth USD 100,000 for internally displaced children 
  2. Under the NetsforLife project, together with partners, in 2008 the bank gave out 165,000 mosquito nets at a cost of UGS 320m 
  3. Under the Seeing is Believing the bank screened over 12,000 people and restored sight to 1,200 over the last 5 years. In 2008 the bank screened 10,000 people and restored sight to 1402 people 
  4. The bank provided water the banklls in Jinja, Iganga, Mpigi, Mbale and Mbarara. In 2008, the bank drilled boreholes in Gulu, Jinja and Mbale at USD 65,000 
  5. Under the Success By Choice program the bank incorporated an effective learning approach toward health, nutrition, HIV/Aids, Sports and Life skills for children in 28 schools at a tune of USD 88.000 
  6. Standard Chartered Donated UGX 110 million to flood victims in the North, Northeast and Eastern parts of the country 
  7. The bank renovated a dilapidated classroom block at Salaama School for the Blind at a cost of UGX 50 million (US$ 29,154). The Bank also donated the first computer owned by the school 
  8. The bank has an all inclusive non-discriminatory HIV policy which includes the provision of voluntary counseling and anti- retroviral drugs for employees, their spouses & children 
  9. The Bank has an on-going SCB education programme for staff & external parties under Living with HIV programme 
  10. Standard Chartered provided a cardiac machine to Mulago hospital. 
  11. Each staff of the Bank is encouraged to spend 2 paid work days p.a. on community activities in a given year under Employee Volunteering Programme. 
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
The bank lays emphasis on 7 key areas - sustainable lending, access to finance, tackling financial crime, environment, employee the bankllbeing, community, responsible selling & marketing.

Uganda Baati’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Uganda

How Uganda Baati’s CSR Benefits the Community
  1. Medical Support to the community and its employees 
  2. Helping communities with basic needs 
  3. Roofing support to public structures 
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
As part of its corporate social responsibility, Uganda Baati has helped various people in a move to change their conditions of living. Among the many things the company has done is to boost the health sector by constructing medical facility worth sh250m for its staffs and people in the neighborhood.

"The 'Chandaria Medical Clinic' opened officially by Minister for Tourism and Trade Janat Mukwaya in April 2012, is benefiting over 200 company employees plus individuals and staffs of the surrounding companies. It's well equipped to handle laboratory tests covering blood, stool, urine, malaria, typhoid and HIV/AIDS including weekly counseling among others.

The company staffs access medical services at the facility at very subsidized rates making it cheaper and convenient for their health and well being."Employees are entitled to an annual healthcare package of sh600,000 each. This medical value is accessed in form of quality medical services within the company or outside in case of serious cases. Neighboring companies like Civicon, Victoria Engineers Shumuk Group and Budongo Sawmills have their employees catered for at the facility. The company will soon start providing ARVs to HIV positive workers to enhance their work usefulness.

Other areas where the company has extended assistance from 1997 to date include medical assistance to heart and other patients, medical equipment to SDM Temple clinic in Kampala, iron sheets to schools, churches and communities. It has also helped Ebola victims with household items to resettle, Ox Ploughs to former rebel youth in the north, clothes to displaced children of northern Uganda plus musical organs and wheel chairs to the disabled. "It has also paid school fees to various disadvantaged students, given books to schools and supported different projects in liaison with President's office among others.

Uganda Baati will continue giving a helping hand to various vulnerable and needy people of society because the company is concerned about the well being of Ugandans.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
General increase in the healthy wellbeing of Ugandans

CSR Rating against 10 
Several good activities to the community have been offered by the company to contribute to the sustainability aspect of the environment within which Uganda baati operates. We strongly believe that scaling them down will create better impact to the communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Bank Of Africa in Uganda

How Bank Of Africa’s CSR Benefits the Community
  1. Disaster support 
  2. Environmental protection 
  3. Career development 
  4. Health support 
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
Bank Of Africa – Uganda supports activities related to Health and Fitness, Environment, Education, Community voluntary work, Relief projects e.g. aid to victims of natural disasters, Art and Culture, Economic development and Job development programs, Sports. Organisation’s or individual must demonstrate a flawless record and wise financial management. An initiative must be non political and non sectarian. Any contributions are made directly to the Board of the sponsored organization, and not to an intermediary person or organization. Profit making organizations are not considered for financial support.

The Bank Of Africa Reach Out initiative is designed to create opportunities for customers to participate in the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. It involves a customer nominating a charity/orphanage / individual of their choice to receive a donation. A winning charity organisation is selected every three months from the entries received.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
General increase in the healthy wellbeing of Ugandans

CSR Rating against 10 
Well thought-out CSR that excites customers to feel part of the goodness the company is doing. Good way to make customers have an opportunity to help out in the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Tororo Cement in Uganda

How Tororo Cement’s CSR Benefits the Community 
  • Strengthening health and education infrastructures through constructions. 
  • Health support for community members.
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
Tororo Cement regularly contributes to central and local government, local bodies, NGO’s, school and hospitals to improve the social values and to the needy peoples of the society. Examples are the construction of a community health center and the funding of its operation and maintenance costs (drugs, staff, etc.) for one year and the distribution of treated mosquito nets to all pregnant mothers of one county.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
Stable families living in permanent structures within poor communities of Uganda.

CSR Rating against 10 
CSR is tied well to the core competence of the company and is well integrated with social health needs of poor communities.