Corporate Social Responsibility by DFCU Bank - in Uganda

How  DFCU Bank  benefits the Community
  1. Helps to fight HIV by partnering with development agencies.
  2. Reduce the burden of malaria.
  3. Besides the financial support, DFCU enhances the health of people who have no access to medical support. 
Description of CSR as externally perceived
HIV/AIDS program: DFCU contracted the services of Microcare, a local health insurance services provider to provide medical coverage for HIV/AIDS. DFCU has worked with Microcare in conjunction with the Workers Treatment Center, a healthcare facility, to offer Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services to its staff and their family members. Peer educators actively promote behavior change within the workplace. Every month 900 condoms are placed in the lavatories or handed to staff. In 2005 DFCU started providing antiretrovirals (ARVs) for all employees, one spouse and up to four biological children under the age of 18. The ARVs are part of the healthcare package for all employees provided through Microcare. For all medical needs, Microcare is managing a confidential system of referrals to health services providers.

DFCU supports the local community through a partnership with Hope Clinic Lukuli, a maternal and child care facility located near Kampala. The clinic offers in-patient and out-patient services to the local community including reproductive health, child immunization, malaria, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. In January 2007, DFCU donated US$ 6,000 towards mosquito nets, salaries for two HIV/AIDS counselors, and furnishing of the clinic’s labor ward. Earlier in 2006, DFCU donated medicine and furniture to the clinic.

Social Responsibility Reporting - May Newsletter

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Company of Month
The MTN Uganda Foundation partnered with Community Based Tourism Initiatives (COBATI), a non profit NGO whose main purpose is to support local people in Uganda to participate and benefit from rural community tourism initiatives.
Companies doing CSR


Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming manageable and measurable to impact on the lives of people in communities as well as the business bottom line. This Newsletter highlights some of the the CSR that is happening in Uganda

Speedy Cause Project of the Month
Children projectOur special CSR of May is the new platform that has eased businesses to leverage their human resource to be engaged in social action without cost implications to the business. The business wins big and the their human resource benefiting in special ways. This is a great platform because big corporations now can engage their human resource with great ease.

New in CSR Practices in Uganda
ImpactNow you can measure CSR to make very informed decision about your CSR strategy. We have put behind us the time when you did not know the kind of impact a company has made each year. On top of that, we can now measure performance based on set goals. Isn't that awesome? This enhances social responsibility reporting which is a key aspect of today's CSR.

Community Impact
CharityOne of the best charity brands in Uganda (FXB International) through corporate partnerships is reaching out to children affected by HIV and AIDS in a much sustainable way by providing income streams to their households and supporting their education. Longterm solutions are becoming more relevant in CSR.

Our Benefits
  1. Network of Social Reporting Platforms that creates value for CSR done through us.
  2. Quantifying for companies all CSR done to make right decisions on resources.
  3. Ecosystem of CSR networks to make CSR cost effective yet more rewarding for the company's bottom line.
CSR is becoming easy to manage, measure, and a key aspect in today's business environment.

Martin Mubiru
Speedy Cause Solutions