Corporate Social Responsibility by International Medical Group in Uganda

How International Medical Group CSR Benefits the Community 
  1. Free treatment for people who cannot afford treatment especially those from war ravaged areas.
  2. Community treatment outreaches to neglected communities.
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
International Hospital Kampala has a charity ward, which is known as ‘Hope Ward’. The capital costs of this ward were met by International hospital and some private donors and the operational costs are met through companies and individuals sponsoring beds.

The type of patients, who are treated, are those who have complex conditions for which they might not otherwise access treatment. Victims of the war in the north, who require plastic surgery, those with tumors, children with HIV who need hospitalization, abandoned babies, women with bladder fistulae due to birth injuries and victims of road traffic accidents will be able to access treatment at ‘Hope Ward’.

If a company sponsors a bed, it becomes their bed, with a plaque above the bed acknowledging the sponsorship. They also get positive publicity. Surgeons at the hospital have already volunteered to offer their services at a subsidized rate.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
Productivity of individuals who otherwise would put a heavy burden on their caregivers and households and ultimately improving livelihoods.

CSR Rating against 10 
 Good CSR leveraging other companies and donors to meet a real community need

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