Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Vision Group in Uganda

How Vision Group’s CSR Benefits the Community 
  1. Women empowerment through recognitions.
  2. Contributing to environmental protection.
  3. Peace building especially in the war affected area.
  4. Social development in many areas.
Description of  Vision Group’s CSR as externally perceived 
The Vision Group supported a partnership with Straight Talk Foundation, a leading communication-for-social-change NGO, which aims, among others, at HIV prevention and social change in adolescents.

Through the Women Achiever Award, the company has recognized the contributions women have made to their community and in particular recognized women who have developed schemes that preserve the environment.

A special peace and conflict resolution supplement, which targeted secondary schools, was embarked on. The project code-named “Jazz Peace” aimed at cultivating a non-violent culture of mediation and peace building among teenagers. Aspects handled included the management of anger, understanding the dynamics of conflicts, making decisions, and development of negotiation skills.

Public health campaigns, including malaria prevention, water and sanitation projects, blood donation exercises and an extensive environmental coverage promoting tree planting, were also among the company’s corporate social responsibility undertakings.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
General increase in social wellbeing of community members.

CSR Rating against 10
Vision group has not utilized its own core operational competence for its own CSR and diversified too much. Fewer objectives in our opinion do a lot for the community.

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