Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Bank Of Africa in Uganda

How Bank Of Africa’s CSR Benefits the Community
  1. Disaster support 
  2. Environmental protection 
  3. Career development 
  4. Health support 
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
Bank Of Africa – Uganda supports activities related to Health and Fitness, Environment, Education, Community voluntary work, Relief projects e.g. aid to victims of natural disasters, Art and Culture, Economic development and Job development programs, Sports. Organisation’s or individual must demonstrate a flawless record and wise financial management. An initiative must be non political and non sectarian. Any contributions are made directly to the Board of the sponsored organization, and not to an intermediary person or organization. Profit making organizations are not considered for financial support.

The Bank Of Africa Reach Out initiative is designed to create opportunities for customers to participate in the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. It involves a customer nominating a charity/orphanage / individual of their choice to receive a donation. A winning charity organisation is selected every three months from the entries received.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
General increase in the healthy wellbeing of Ugandans

CSR Rating against 10 
Well thought-out CSR that excites customers to feel part of the goodness the company is doing. Good way to make customers have an opportunity to help out in the community.

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