Uganda Baati’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Uganda

How Uganda Baati’s CSR Benefits the Community
  1. Medical Support to the community and its employees 
  2. Helping communities with basic needs 
  3. Roofing support to public structures 
Description of CSR as externally perceived 
As part of its corporate social responsibility, Uganda Baati has helped various people in a move to change their conditions of living. Among the many things the company has done is to boost the health sector by constructing medical facility worth sh250m for its staffs and people in the neighborhood.

"The 'Chandaria Medical Clinic' opened officially by Minister for Tourism and Trade Janat Mukwaya in April 2012, is benefiting over 200 company employees plus individuals and staffs of the surrounding companies. It's well equipped to handle laboratory tests covering blood, stool, urine, malaria, typhoid and HIV/AIDS including weekly counseling among others.

The company staffs access medical services at the facility at very subsidized rates making it cheaper and convenient for their health and well being."Employees are entitled to an annual healthcare package of sh600,000 each. This medical value is accessed in form of quality medical services within the company or outside in case of serious cases. Neighboring companies like Civicon, Victoria Engineers Shumuk Group and Budongo Sawmills have their employees catered for at the facility. The company will soon start providing ARVs to HIV positive workers to enhance their work usefulness.

Other areas where the company has extended assistance from 1997 to date include medical assistance to heart and other patients, medical equipment to SDM Temple clinic in Kampala, iron sheets to schools, churches and communities. It has also helped Ebola victims with household items to resettle, Ox Ploughs to former rebel youth in the north, clothes to displaced children of northern Uganda plus musical organs and wheel chairs to the disabled. "It has also paid school fees to various disadvantaged students, given books to schools and supported different projects in liaison with President's office among others.

Uganda Baati will continue giving a helping hand to various vulnerable and needy people of society because the company is concerned about the well being of Ugandans.

Long term impact on Ugandans 
General increase in the healthy wellbeing of Ugandans

CSR Rating against 10 
Several good activities to the community have been offered by the company to contribute to the sustainability aspect of the environment within which Uganda baati operates. We strongly believe that scaling them down will create better impact to the communities.

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